Burana Tower

Burana Tower

The Tower was built in 11 century in the centre of a prospering city that was called Balasagun and used to stay on the Great Silk Road. Traders from all around Central Asia used to come to that city to sell their good or stay for a night.  Burana Tower is 24 meters high now. Before it was 45 meters high but because of the earthquake in 15 century half of it fell down. At that time tower was used as a place to call local people to pray, a sign for traders and travelers, as a watching tower of the fortress and. After the earthquake people were too scared to stay in the city. They decided that God did not want them to live there. And they left city in a hurry and did not take the most of their things. The archeologist found many artifacts there and you can see some of them in a local museum. And other part of artifacts was taken to Russian in Soviet time. At that time houses were made of clay and they melt because of time. There are only the tower and a hill nearby left of the city and khan's palace.

At that place you also may visit a "cemetery of Balbals". Balabal means a Stone Warrior. People used to erect them for honored dead warriors. They were found all around Kyrgyzstan and taken here to save them for next generations and to be shown.

Not far from there you will see ancient petrogliphs - stone depictions. They also were collected in different places and transferred to the Balasagun city to be presented for tourists and travelers. Some of them are from the 8 century B.C.



9.00 a.m.     We will take you from the hotel.

10:30 a.m.   Arrival to the Burana Tower. There will be excursion to the tower, balbals and petrogliphs when you will find out why and what for they were made.

12.30 p.m.   Returning to your hotel.