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Day 1: Bishkek, accommodation and hotel Flight, and then have breakfast. You are our guide will accompany the tour. You will visit the following places: museums, squares and so on. After lunch take an excursion to the National Park Ala-Arch. Accommodation in the hotel. Day 2: Today, the gorge of Ashu-Tor-Kul (100 km) to the trekking tour to begin with. Burana Tower (XIc) - on the date of your visit. Select the camp near the river. Night is organized in tents. Day 3: All day will be fit, you have to admire the view over the valley, and Chui, a radial exit and go along the river will be Tuyuc Kul-Tor. Lunch will be served in the open air. Night is organized in tents. Day 4: After you have set in the valley of Kyrgyzstan (. 400 km), the Shamsi gorge trekking tour will be over. Mazar trekking you pass away after that. And then there Shamhsy valley trekking tour. This is the place where you select a camp for the night. Day 5: The day trekking tour will pass over to the local people called the East Tuyuk. More than 5 km of trekking tour. Climb up. It will set up a tent at the end of the route. Night is organized in tents. Day 6: Today is a beautiful pearl on the shore of Issyk-Kul Tien-Shan and along the trekking tour was to begin. Lunch will be served on the way. Snow wrapped in the worlds second largest alpine lake in the good memories will remain forever in the high-capped peaks of 5000 meters. Day 7: a mountain rivers of water rushing through the forest along the winding among rocks and interesting mountain trekking Guided tour through the picturesque valley of the Yellow Djaz. After lunch. Short trekking tour across the salt plain, where we will camp in the grounds of the university. Thank you to the evening dinner prepared by professional cooks. Night is organized in tents. Day 8: Today Tyup control over the valley trekking tour to start up. Lunch will be served on the way. Salt 4001 m high pass trekking trip to the slopes. Damascus. Night is organized in tents. Day 9: You will be trekking tour to Salt switch more than 4001 m. Inylchek a great panoramic view of the glacier and the highest peaks of the Kyrgyz Republic. Lunch at the bottom of the valley. Short trek Chong Tash site. Night is organized in tents. Day 10: Guided trekking on a glacier in the valley, and after the tour. Down the valley trekking tour. Lunch. Gribkovski trekking trip to the camp site with alpine meadows. Visiting a sauna. Damascus. Night is organized in tents. Day 11: The day will begin with a meeting. 3822 m above sea level on the spectacular mountain pass through the town Patrol Drive. Lunch on the way. Guest house accommodation on arrival. Small snacks and a short walk Patrol. Trek crew with the last supper. Overnight guests are in the house. Day 12: Breakfast. Meet a comfortable aircon bus. Issyk Kul long day drive to the beach for swimming, with a possible stop for Bishkek. Lunch in a cafe on the way. After arriving in the hotel or guest house. Lunch in a local restaurant. Day 13: Today we will begin to transfer Shamsi gorge. Lunch will be served on the way. Tent camp trekking tour. Day 14: You will be trekking to visit the West Shamsi. So nice trail, alpine lakes Kul-Tor is low. Lunch will be served on the way. Encampment River, where we will meet with the sunset. Night is organized in tents. Day 15: The Kegety valley trekking tour Guided tour along the river Kul-Tor. From there, there is a trekking trip to the Valley of the Djailoo. Then we choose a quiet place for the next two nights. Day 16: Today, the research covered by the snow-capped peaks and beautiful nature for trekking tour in this beautiful valley. Lunch will be served on the way. You can choose from 2 ways: trekking tour along the river, (3790 m) from the peaks reached in a climb or pass Kegety. Night is organized in tents. Day 17: Today Tuyuk valley trekking tour was to begin. You Tuyuc down to the river, a small pass (2902 m) at the confluence of the tour, trekking and river Kok Moinok will be achieved. Night is organized in tents. Day 18: You will be trekking trip to the impressive gorge Issyk-Ata. This uneven ground. Lunch will be served on the way. This area is a national resource. Night is organized in tents. Day 19: Takyr-Tor valley trekking Guided tours lead you through a small passage. Lunch will be served on the way. Night is organized in a cottage. Day 20: Today we will be taking place in the capital. You will then have free time to ride through the city. At night the hotel is organized. Day 21: Manas International Airport in the morning, you will be taken back by the tour guide.



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