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Day 1: Bishkek, accommodation and hotel Flight, and then will have lunch and tour. Chui valley in the foothills of the city of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, located in the northern part of the country. The city was founded in 1868-1878. It is also the greenest cities in Central Asia is one of the most multi-cultural capitals of the continent (where representatives of more than 80 ethnic groups and nations) is one. At night the hotel is organized. Day 2: Guided trekking tour for half-arch. Valley of the Ala-Arch - Bishkek is one of the main tourist areas. This AKSAI Falls (3H) to finish. The Tien-Shan fir trees trekking tour through the picturesque, and then down to the forest is replaced with Juniper. Then, by way of juniper covered slopes, which goes out on a high plateau trekking tour there. Lunch waterfall, close to services. Returning to the city. At night the hotel is organized. Day 3: Multi-Ashu (3400 m) and the pass (3300 m), passing through the village today, free-market (250 km) off to the right start trekking tour. Kyrgyzstan is one of the most beautiful passes in a multi-Ashu Pass Suusamyr leads to the valley. Suusamyr pass through the valley of the crow in the village trekking tour Chat-Sunday. Night is organized in tents in the camp. Day 4: You Chatkal Land-This is a link to the chain (3569 m) will be trekking tour through the city of Talas. Great canyons, beautiful lakes and dozens of Talas region in the north-eastern part of the country, there are cascading waterfalls. This Kumbez-Manas Mausoleum (XIV c.), Museum-reserve Manas and the historical and cultural complex Manas-Ordo There is a mosque is famous for the Talas. Stop Aflatun valley. Dinner around the fire. Day camps are organized in a forest zone. Day 5: The day will begin with guided trekking up Aflatun valley of the two lakes. There is a provision of the state at the beginning of Aflatun valley. Semenov silver fir trees in the forest area was established in 1975 to protect. Semenov silver fir can be seen only in Kyrgyzstan. Dinner around the fire. Two nights in tent camps across the lake. Day 6: Guided tour, trekking up the valley of the Kara-Tokoi Aflatun and pass (3620 m) is the way to go. There is a way to alpine meadows, forest zone runs along the bottom of the pass is in progress. Tent camp for the night at the foot of the pass. Day 7: You can switch to the yellow-black-Tokoi 6 Chelek will be trekking up the spare time - 7 hrs. It is 1873 meters in the foothills of the West Tian Shan range Chatkal is one of the most interesting places. Yellow-Chelek lake - and is one of the worlds most beautiful lakes. It was created as a result of a powerful earthquake. The national reserve is located in the center of the yellow Chelek. Replacement of the main lake, with the exception of six small lakes are located in the central part of it. Dinner around the fire. Night is organized in tents in the camp. Day 8: Guided trekking to visit the lake and yellow-Chelek. Lunch will be served in the open air. Dinner around the fire. Day camps are held on the shores of the lake. Day 9: a lake, a local trekking on the weekends. Lunch will be served on the way. Night is organized in tents. Day 10: This day trekking tour will run throughout the southeast part of the lake. Along the way, you have breathtaking views of the lake. Lunch will be served on the way. The steep banks of the lake, often subtle, they go to the depth of the lake increscent. Night is organized tent camp on the lake. Day 11: Rest day. Trekking tour around the lake. Lunch will be served on the way. The reserve is situated in the small lakes, trekking trip. Day 12: You will be trekking along the route of the tour: Lake Yellow-Chelek - Tashkomur village - Karakul city - Toktogul. Lunch will be served on the way. Along the way, we have a beautiful view of Toktogul reservoir. Day 13: This day Ala-Bel (3600 m) and multi-Ashu (3400 m) will be transferred to Bishkek. At night the hotel is organized. Day 14: Manas International Airport in the morning, you will be taken back by the tour guide.



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