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Trip to Kyrgyzstan

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Kyrgyzstansky trekking: round 006
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Activities: Trekking Round
Duration: 9 Days

First Day: After breakfast the amplifier will deliver to the Village Barskoon Jyrgalang in Kyrgyzstan. Distance: 150 km. Time: 3-4 hours. The rider you meet the horses. After a dinner during a tour  will pass through Kyzylmoinok and to reduce the Valley of the Ram and the Ram River. There are over 7-8 times, and that night of tour and travel Archator Valley. Because of the distance of about 10 km. Time: 2-3 hours. Will spend night of tour  in tents.
Second Day: After breakfast we go to the front of Archator Kyzyltor and Ashytor Pass (3649 m) in Kyrgyzstan. Dinner in an organized manner. Here you will meet local people, very kind and hospitable shepherds. We will test the mare milk "kymyz" and that the validity of the Kyrgyz people. 19:00 dinner will be presented. Will spend night of tour  in tents.
Third day: come to pass closer to top in the morning, you will be surprised Hills Hana-grabbing spirit Pikov Tengry and Pobeda. You can pass Uchkungoi Valley.
4th day: Trekking tour and travel to the canyon Uchkungoi Echkilitash Saryjaz River. Here you will find beautiful mountain lakes and meadows. Will spend night of tour  in tents.
5th Day: After breakfast we travel to the amp walk along the river, and then pass it to approach Fire (4001 m). O / n at before. Distance: 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 hours. Will spend night of tour  in tents.
Day 6: Today begins the journey on foot along the river and suddenly Fire Pass Engilchek in Kyrgyzstan. Dinner in an organized manner. 19:00 dinner will be presented. Will spend night of tour  in tents.
Day 7: Trekking tour and travel in a will - Jailoo (meadows) and Mountain Lake, where you can see glaciers Engilchek. Each turn you will see a mountain flowers (edelweiss), which are the pride of our country, and a national flower of Switzerland. 19:00 dinner will be presented.
Day 8: After a morning trekking tour along the river and Dunguromo Kaiyndy and again with the yak herders and shepherds here. Distance: 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 hours. Will spend night of tour  in tents.
9th day: After breakfast, the amp is going Kuna village Pass. Barskoon come back in the afternoon. Dinner in an organized manner. Absorbed into a hot water bath. 19:00 dinner will be presented.

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Trips and travels Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan trips and tours

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Kyrgyzstan tour and travel

Tours and trips Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan travel and trip

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