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Kyrgyzstansky trekking: round 002
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Activities: Trekking Round
Duration: 12 days

First Day will be an early start in the morning, and enjoy the new morning air we Barskoon Ak Casting a valley of Kyrgyzstan. Subsequently, Cross River Tarylga will go and travel through a forest and a beautiful fur-trees under a snowy mountain. You will enjoy depictions of widely open pastures, where the pastures of the shepherds of congestion. Dinner and overnight parking - n tents Valley Kok-Bulak.

Day 2: Today starts the trekking tour in the Kok-Bulak of Kyrgyzstan, the Cross River and pass Jargylchak Kichi-Kind jailoo (meadow). Dinner in an organised manner. One travel  way you can pass down to a surprisingly rich tapestry of colours and will test the representation of the spirit of greed mountain scenery and lake Issyk-kulskogo. Dinner and overnight parking Bell Kok Valley.

Third Day: After breakfast we goand travel to the amp Kok, Pass-Белла. The trekking takes you Juuku valley of Kyrgyzstan, where we meet a new vehicle deliveries. After dinner, you will begin with a free tour to Kashka-Suu River. Dinner in an organised manner. From this day to the vehicle bears all food aid, and the mechanism.

Day 4: Trekking tour Round Valley Kashka-Suu, you will see and test the real life of the nomadic Kyrgyz people. Kashka-Suu river crossing will be some time before, to come back to the valley base. Dinner and overnight in tents Parking.

5th day: After breakfast, tour the valley Juuku. Since yours does not carry through the mechanism, you can skip parts of the house. You will meet more than just the Kyrgyz shepherds and invited to dinner and "Kymyz" (a national drink made from mare's milk). Tish-the-Stunning Mountain Eto shown above 4,808 m. Dinner and overnight parking in Chong-Tash valley.

Day 6: Today begins the tour on foot through the valley Juuku Pass Juuku than 3633 m. Dinner in an organised manner. A dual-route you will see the name of Jashyl ​​ Kol Lake "Green Lake" which name accordingly. The Araba Valley Pass Trekking goes yeti-Белла (3,993 m). Dinner and overnight in tents Parking.

Day 7: In the morning, before we start to go tour Taragai river Ak-Белла Pass (3,833 m), the Kara-Sai River. Here, you can make some wild mountain goats and sheep Marco Polo. Then a trip to Lake Kyrtash.

Day 8: Today will be a round of lake-trekking tour Kyrtash, you will travel to the south side of Canyon Ak-Shyirak Baralbas along the river, about 25 km from the border of China. At night, in the tent.

9th Day: Today will be a surprise round trekking tour through the Ak-Shyirak Canyon, crossing the river many times. You will come to visit and have dinner with them a few shepherds. In the afternoon you will go to the valley of Kara-Sai. Dinner and overnight in tents Parking.

10th Day: After breakfast we start the round tour with a stunning valley trekking through the Kyzyl-Eshme. Afternoon will Taragai Cross River. You will enjoy a beautiful trip through the open valleys and alpine meadows. The adjusted Suek-Suu river camp.

11th Day: Today will be a round of trekking tour from Suek-Suu, then into the rivers and meadows of the valley to Sary-rocky-top. From here you can see a representation of the great mountain range in the distance Chinese border. Dinner and overnight in tents Parking.

Day 12: In the morning you start tour to go and travel to the valley to Sary-rocky-top alpine lake along the Col-Okurgon Suek Pass (4028 m). After dinner in the mountains, then travel back into the Barskoon the support vehicle. Dinner in an organised manner. You will have dinner and overnight parking in a yurt.

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