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Day 1: Manas airport, 400 km from the airport to the city of the future, and Patrol. Surveillance is a small hotel with a private residence, hotel or upon arrival. Lunch on arrival. Top lakes along the trekking trail is a good gradually gaining altitude. Camp on the lake. Lunch pass on the other side. Ak-Suu river and valley trekking down. Refreshments on arrival. Lunch on the way. After lunch, Djergalan valley trekking tour, then continue Djergalan Tup Valley. Crystal Mountain Camp near the river. Day 5: morning, you have breakfast. Tup long day sightseeing tour to the valley floor. Lunch on the way. Ter of the foothills, trekking along the river ASUU is 3,649 meters. Day 6: In the morning you will have breakfast. Asa Airyk trekking in the valleys of the rivers Ter ASUU on the 3649 meters with a great panoramic passes. Lunch at the bottom of the valley on the banks of rivers. Djanalach Valley for lunch, after a short (2-3H) Walking tour. Day 7: Breakfast. On the top of the valley trekking through alpine meadows and pass Echkilitash Djanalach. Lunch on the way. Sarah Dzaz a narrow valley for trekking down to a very narrow Tuyuc Canyon. 8 th day: in the morning you will have breakfast. To 3822 m above sea level, the mountain is a very effective way of trekking in Karakol. Lunch on the way. Lunch on the way. Day 10: Breakfast. Each of the top trekking through the valley of the i-Tor. Lunch. Passage through the Valley of the Golden-Arashan trekking along the river. If the hot springs before lunch. Day 11: morning, you have breakfast. Keldike along the river valley trekking up the mountain. Lunch. Foothill Chong Kok-Jar (south) pass (3700 m) is trekking. Lunch on the bank of a mountain river. Trekking in the bottom of the valley. The Chong Kok-Jar pass (3500 m) in the foothills Camp. Day 13: Ala-Kul Lake in the morning, we pass to the Ala-Kul (3800 m) to start a trekking tour. A number of top pass Terskey Ala-Too offers panoramic views of the south. Mountain, the eastern shore of the lake is going down. You will have lunch on the shore. Takyr Tor mountain pass (3750 m) trekking trip continues. Will have dinner and spend the night in tents. Day 14: The morning we Takyr the top of the Tor pass (3750 m) and then start trekking down the valley to visit the glacier surface. Lunch. Free time to explore the surrounding area. If the hot springs before lunch. Will have dinner and spend the night in tents. Day 15: Today we will be trekking tour down the river Chon-floating gold Arashan. Lunch. In addition, the use of hot springs. Car Meet. Patrol and a very impressive mountain pass on the road. Upon arrival was a guest in the house. Will have dinner and spend the night in a guesthouse. Day 16: Last day of our trip to the lake for swimming, with a possible stop in Bishkek Transfer to finish a long day. Lunch at a cafe on the way. After arriving in the hotel or guest house. A brief tour of Bishkek, and free for shopping. In the evening there will be dinner in a local restaurant. Day 17: Transfer to the airport for departure.



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