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Day 1: Manas airport, 400 km from the airport to the city of the future, and Patrol. The road goes along the chain of snow-capped mountains in the transfer and exciting journey. After lunch at the cafe, the beautiful Lake Issyk-Kul, the Tien Shan is the pearl of the coast. The snow-capped peaks of 5,000 meters, the worlds second-largest lake in the Alps, wrapped will be remembered forever. Surveillance is a small hotel with a private residence, hotel or upon arrival. Final preparations before the trip. In the evening you will have dinner. Day 2: The first day of our trip to the valley for a trekking tour begins Oguz Jets. Valley of the Dragons, known as the Valley of the Golden Games trekking gradually gain height. Lunch. Continue trekking to the Valley. Will have dinner and spend the night in tents. Day 3: In the morning a short trekking tour to the picturesque valley of the Oghuz Jets. This way we will use the Russian army truck requires advanced tools. Also, a good fairy to rock a broken heart, ox tail and hear what he says. The next stage of the tour, trekking through the forest in the valley Telety fur. You will have lunch on the bank of a mountain river. After lunch a visit to the valley floor, trekking in the foothills of Telety continues. Will have dinner and spend the night in tents. Day 4: Today you Terskey more than half-a fascinating view of the high peaks of the tour Telety (3800 m) will be trekking. You will have lunch on arrival pass. Nov Patrol Valley trekking up the fur forest trees. This is a great Patrol peak (5,218 m), ending in a beautiful wooded canyon is. Dinner around the fire. Night Patrol tents on the banks of the river. Day 5: Pick a small turquoise lake in the background of the Patrol, it is the most picturesque in the morning, we round up the base Karakol valley trekking begins. Trekking back to camp and have lunch. Alakol the valley floor to the top of the lower valley trekking Patrol. Alakol Valley orphaned camping trekking. Orphan for Russian orphans. This was about 15-20 years ago, is home to travel to the Soviet enthusiasm for travelers and stills. In the evening you will have dinner around the fire. Spend the night in tents. Day 6: Today you are a cascade of small waterfalls will be trekking trip to the Alake Lake. Alakol Terskey-Ala-Too Lake is one of the most beautiful landscapes. You will have lunch at the pass. Dyke and the beautiful green grass in the valley below the camp Kel Short trekking tour. Time to spare. Will have dinner and spend the night in tents. 7 day trekking tour in the morning and 3 hours in the Golden Valley Kel-Arashans Dyke and the valley. Kyrgyzstan golden sources, and of course, renowned for its healing hot springs of sulfur Golden Arashan. Before dinner, guests can bath in hot springs. Trekking around the fire in the evening you will have dinner with the team final. Spend the night in tents. Day 8: Today is a good trail to the lake on the western Irdyk will be trekking tour. Camp on the lake in the Alps. Spend the night in tents. Day 9: Morning Brief tours to Lake West Irdyk. Lunch on the beach. Free time to explore the surrounding area. Will have dinner and spend the night in tents. Day 10: The morning we wet (wet) in a small valley trekking tour through the transition, and then start trekking trip to Karakol valley floor. You will have lunch on the bank of a mountain river. Clover Suu trekking to the Valley. In the evening you will have dinner around the fire. Day 11: Today you will be trekking tour Clover-Suu River valley is gradually gaining height. Lunch. Kok-Jar trekking to the valley at the foot of the pass-Jong continues. Will have dinner and spend the night in tents. Day 12: Today you can tour the sulfur in the mineral hot springs in the valley known as the Golden Arashan Chong Kok-Jar pass (3500 m) will be trekking. Lunch. Free time to explore the surrounding area. If the hot springs before lunch. Will have dinner and spend the night in tents. Day 13: Last day of our visit, a spectacular mountain road in Patrol license is not complete. Lake Issyk-Kul, with a possible stop for swimming, Bishkek army truck for a long drive today, switch to a comfortable bus seats. You will have lunch in a cafe on the way. After arriving in the hotel or guest house. Short sightseeing or shopping in a gift. In the evening there will be dinner in a local restaurant. Spend the night in a hotel or a guest. Day 14: Transfer to the airport for departure.



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