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Day 1: Airport Manas and arrival transfer to Bishkek. Need to strengthen and relax in the hotel after breakfast. Walking through the city sights tour. Overnight at the hotel. Day 2: The first day of our trip to Bishkek, transfer to Karakol (390 km) begins. Lake Issyk-Kul, the guest house - walking along the Pearl of Kyrgyzstan. Tours, Buddhist pagoda style with a nail in the Cathedral Mosque in Karakol Dungan (1910g) and the city to visit - Holy Trinity Church (1872g). Accommodation in a guesthouse or abroad. Day 3: Today (3800 m) will be trekking tour Telety 15 km, 5-6 hours will enjoy the beautiful nature .. Will have dinner and spend the night in tents. Day 4: Today you will be trekking through the Patrol Telety mountain pass to a valley - 20 km, 6-7 hours. This is clearly seen in the valley Patrol. Patrol (5280m), Djigit (5130m), Przewalskis (4283m): Especially noticeable, as are some of its vertices. The object of interest for tourists in numerous lakes in the valley and up the juniper thickets Marennyi, and where there are waterfalls. Will have dinner and spend the night in tents. Day 5: Caracol in the morning, we pass (5181 m) by the start of March. Patrol Valley in the same branching valleys, deep cuts Terskey slopes (40 m) Ala-Too in the city of Karakol is 9 kilometers to the south. You will have lunch. The diversity of the flora of the valley Patrol identifies many forms of wildlife. Will have dinner and spend the night in tents. Day 6: Today you will be trekking through the valley of cirrhotic ubezhische. Will have dinner and spend the night in tents. Day 7: Gold-morning we start trekking tour Arashan - 18 km, 7-8 hours. Gold-Arashan - named in honor of the many hot springs in the Golden Source. There are sources of radon in water. It is a very picturesque valley. Search fir tree, on the right bank of the river, fragrant flowers with green meadows in the valley at an altitude of 2600 meters, there is a small resort. Lake Ala-Kul, as well as peak and a tent (the form) is popular among tourists -. Hot springs, gold-colored lake in Arashan, especially one known to Day 8: Rest Day. Will have dinner and spend the night in tents. Day 9: Today you will be trekking tour in Karakol. Lake Issyk-Kul trip to the east coast, you will inevitably enter the city of Karakol. This lake is the largest resort in this part of the city. And it is interesting for its unique historical monuments. 1690-1770 meters above sea level, favorable climate and many scenic area. Will have dinner and spend the night in a guesthouse. Day 10: Rest on the coast. Dinner and overnight at the hotel. Day 11: Last day of our trip transfer to Bishkek (250 km) will be completed. Day 12: Transfer to the airport for departure.



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