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Tour and travel Kyrgyzstan 11

Day 1: You Manas International Airport, guide will come and meet you. You will be accompanied by the city of Bishkek. After breakfast there. Lunch will be after the tour. Your evening will be held at the hotel. Day 2: We have a car (190km) from the Chon-Kemin valley with a driving tour to begin, and then the Chon-Kemin river (15 km) along the trekking tour begins. Your lunch will be served 12 am to you the night in tents. Day 3: After breakfast, you will pass Ayryk Cock (35 km) to the Chon-Kemin and foot trekking tour takes you along the river. Day 4: The day will begin with trekking tour Ayryk Cock Pass (3869m), some of the rocks and soil, 15 reptiles on the road sections. At the top of the pass Ayryk Cock, a small area of ??glacial snowfields (in good condition) and have a trekking tour. After that, the main road is a trekking tour. Your nights are a guest in his home. Day 5: Day starts with a trekking trip to Karakol. There is a guest house accommodation. After a city tour, lunch will be served your lunch am 12. Your guest house is composed of the night. Day 6: Breakfast at large. Jet-Oguz trekking trip. I have a trekking tour through the camp and after-Tosor. Your overnight is in yurts. Day 7: Today we start trekking trip to the confluence of the rivers Tosor and Sarah-Terre (20 km from the complex). Your night is organized in tents. Day 8: Breakfast at large. 40km mountain road for you in the sun today Bokonbaevo the Ak-Terek pass (2540m), when it gets to start a trekking tour. Then there Kochkor village trekking tour. Night to be held guest house. Day 9: Day in the village of Sary-Bulak Kochkor village (about 35 km) journey begins with trekking, trekking tour along the river Kara-Kuzhur will be. Drive (2600 meters) from the vicinity of the tent. Day 10: Day Zhalpak Belle Pass (3300m), the trekking starts with a visit. Kara-Saz and Kichi-Naryn (about 65km mileage) - the confluence of the rivers have a trekking tour. Your overnight in tents at an altitude of 2700m is organized. Day 11: Today, one of Central Asias largest rivers begin trekking tour along the river Kichi-Naryn - Naryn. Used for the construction of transmission lines and down the road you are trekking, trekking tour along the way, it will be the former. At this point, you yellow-Kung (2500m) is the most beautiful valleys on the pitch a tent for the night. Day 12: The day starts with a tour of the trekking goes along the main road, but then a small dose of adrenaline to buy. You mountainous Naryn river trekking through a trekking tour and then will do. Naryn is a trekking tour you will be the main road. Lunch will be at the guest house at night. Day 13: Big breakfast. Red-back pass in the trekking trip. If you are interested, you can be on the slopes for a trekking tour. You can visit the ancient caravanserai Tash-Rabat for a trekking tour then continues. Your evening will be held in the country. Day 14: The day starts with a trekking tour. 2800m above sea level - the lowest point in two passes. Pass from the point of view of a trekking tour Berayluu Naryn river You can see the magnificent view over the valley. A trekking tour you will pass from Rivers will be governed by the crowd: Kyrtka and the Bush-Kain (80). The total distance is 20 km from the trekking tour. Your night in tents (2100m altitude) are organized. Day 15: Day-Ashuu Moldo pass (3200m) trekking tour to the lake Son-Kul together to begin with. At the end of the yurt camp on the shore of the lake Son-Kul have a trekking tour. Son-Kul lake in Kyrgyzstan, the width of the lake. The local shepherds and owners of cattle grazing to serve as a summer. The camp is divided into a height of 3020m. Day 16: We finish the tour with a return to Bishkek. Your lunch will be served 12 am from your hotel at night. Day 17: Our guide will accompany you in the air.



Tour and travel Kyrgyzstan

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Tours and travels Kyrgyzstan

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