Kyrgyzstan utensils

The central burial looted, lateral left undisturbed. The tomb, which was placed a wooden frame of hewn logs Tien Shan spruce, measuring 2.9 x 1.5 m and a depth of 1.5 m floor is laid of 10 well-matched boards.
As it was established, part of the floor on which the dead man lay, was covered with a cloth litter decorated with small gold buckles. It once lay the body on his back, head to the west, in full ceremonial garb, with a gun. By definition, anthropologists who died were 17-18 years old, height 165 cm
In the south wall was a wooden utensils: four square meals a ladle and a bowl. In the west wall stood an earthenware jug and bowl krasnoloscheny. There were also a silver spoon with a curved handle, the end of which is made in the form of the head heron, a silver bowl (vial) with eight-socket on the bottom, a tiny silver cup with two rows of 26 characters inscriptions. For the head of the deceased was still a golden cup in which lay the golden plates in the form of claw and beak bird of prey - the magic talismans. The left arm lay buried with an arrow shaft and gold plated tip. Next - whip, the handle is wrapped with gold ribbon, and lined with gold leather purse lay toilet bronze mirror and a piece of ocher.
The deceased was dressed in a red jacket, suede, from which small pieces remain, entirely trimmed with gold triangular plaques, simulating plate armor. Leather, dressed in boots and trousers decorated with edging of gold plaques, leather boots trimmed tops of the triangular plaques, jackets side - next to metal plates in the form of grinning faces a leopard, and the waist was shrunk leather belt with sewn solid gold plates. Total of thirteen - three in the fantastic creature with a horse-deer-gryphon, and 10 plaques - in the form of the head of elk.
Head buried high leather cap adorned with golden figures of animals and birds, with feathers and arrows depicting the mountains, where trees and birds sitting on branches. The top cap surmounted a miniature figurine of mountain sheep - argali.
On the neck of the deceased - the hryvnia, the ends of which are decorated with leopard-head, an earring in his ear vdeta with beading and turquoise pendants. The two fingers are wearing rings - one with a smooth shield, the other depicting a human head in a nimbus of light.