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Manas Airport in Bishkek, 1 day, they will come to light. The capacity of the hotel is the breakfast accommodation. Tour and lunch in a restaurant. With a farewell dinner at 7. Overnight of tour at a hotel. Day 2 After breakfast at the hotel will be Boom Canyon. Kanorchek in Kyrgyzstan that walks through the canyons. Will be a short break for lunch during growth. You can spend the night of tour in tents. It is done with breakfast, 3 days, 8 hours after the start of Lake Issyk-Kul, and then to Karakol. Night of tour in a comfortable hotel. 4 days in a tent camp, Ala-Kel Pass After breakfast we leave for 8 hours walking along the trek through the Valley of the Golden Arashan and eat lunch. Ala-Kel Pass 3860 m Day 5 Breakfast served 7 hours trekking tour and travel . Ala-Kel Lake. Will be a short break for lunch during growth. You have to camp for lunch. You get 6 to 8 hours a day Patrol trekking tour in the valley. Night of tour in tents. You can trek through the valley, back pack Telety in Kyrgyzstan 7 days before the start, then go down to the valley to 8 hours after breakfast, service and cross Telety pass. Djety-Oguz gorge walking and travel for 8 days. Will be a short break for lunch during growth. . Djety trekking tour through the Oguz Valley. You have to camp for lunch. Day 9 Djety closed-Oguz Valley in Kyrgyzstan. Night of tour in tents. Day 10 Breakfast arch-ter 7 hours hiking tour and travel through the link, please serving. Will be a short break for lunch during growth. Trekking tour in the valley. Lunch will be in a tent camp. Chong-Kyzyl-Suu valley Day 11 We trek through the morning, after breakfast, we leave for 8 hours. You have to camp for lunch. Time to relax and enjoy nature at breakfast the day after 12 surcharge. All meals at the camp. Please Mineral Hot Springs. Night of tour in tents. Day 13 You will have 8 hours. Trekking tour to 3760 meters. Kichi-Kyzyl-Suu Valley. Lunch is organized on the tour road. You can spend the night of tour in tents. After breakfast trek down to start the day at 14:08. Lunch is in a small valley on the tour way to Djuukuchak. You have to camp for lunch. Day 15 Breakfast in the Valley of the Mineral Hot Springs Djuukuchak is less than 7 hours of hiking tour . Will be a short break for lunch during growth. You can spend the night of tour in tents. Issyk-Kul Lake After breakfast we have 16 days, 8 hours and transfer station. Night of tour live in an apartment. Day 17 Transfer to Bishkek. Accommodation is a guesthouse. Dinner will be served in a restaurant in the style of a traditional 7 hours. Day 18 will be your tour guide at the airport after a flight.


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