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     For investors, there are some negative aspects associated with

Risk of the investment. One of the main sources of risk

Investment in tourism - its huge capital intensity relative to

Operating costs. This is due to the high cost of premises and

the equipment. Capital is accumulated slowly over a large distance from the time

and return on investment is also slow. So

The primary goal is to reduce the cost of capital.

Kyrgyzstansky trekking: round 003
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Activities: Trekking Round
Duration: 8 days

First day: in the morning we will transfer the Arabian Village Barskoon Pass (3800 m), which brought to a branch of the Big Silk Road. 2-3 hours, which will cover the limits of 55 km / s is required. On arrival you will be acquainted with the horses and there is a remarkable journey of the horse within 2-3 hours throughout Suyek Pass (4028 m). Dinner and overnight in tents.
Second day: in the morning you will start the journey on foot Suyek pass through the valley of the River Taragai Chol-rocky-top. Distance: 25-30km. Time: 5-6 hours. Dinner and overnight in tents.
Third Day: After breakfast we start trekking round the valley of Chol-rocky-top and the River Kara-Sai - Yshtyk Canyion. Dinner. Distance: 25-30km. Time: 4-5 hours. Dinner and overnight in tents.
4th day: Trekking to travel down as the beginning of the Canyon Canyon Yshtyk Ak-Shyyrak. Distance: 40 km. Time: 5-6 hours. In the evening dinner will be provided. At night, in the tent.
5th Day: After breakfast we start trekking Baralbas Round River is a beautiful canyon. After dinner, trekking, take a trip back to the campsite. Dinner and overnight in tents.
Day 6: In the morning you will start the journey on foot through the Canyon Shyyrak Ak-crossing the river many times. Dinner will be at noon, a family of shepherds. Trip to Kara-Sai Kyrtash and valleys. Dinner and overnight in tents.
Day 7: Trekking trip to Pass the bridge and the Ak-Sai Белла Kara (3833 m) - Valley Kumtor. Suddenly, about Taragai River. Dinner is on the way. Distance: 40 km. Time: 6-7 hours. The evening will have dinner and spend the night in the tent.
Day 8: After a nice breakfast we start trekking from one round to the Taragai Break Maitor Valley. Distance: then the car will be transported down to the village Barskoon which means that you are covered from 15 to 20 km, and then 2-3 hours. You will have a remarkable opportunity for local thermal bath. Dinner and overnight at the comfortable private forum.

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