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You Manas airport in Bishkek Day 1 of the pass. The organization will be able to relax in the hotel for breakfast and a general. Dinner at 19:00. Night of tour at the hotel.
Day 2, 08:00, breakfast is filed. Make Kochkor, if a carpet workshop feeling. Kochkorka trekking tour around. Dinner at 19:00. Accommodation of tour is in tents.
3-5 days. Pesne-Kul lake trekking tour and travel in Kyrgyzstan. You will have lunch on the tour way. Kochkorka six miles from the village Koyar in Kyrgyzstan trekking tour and travel along the river. Dinner at 19:00. Accommodation of tour is in tents. The two try to go every day for 5-6 hours: 3260 m. Day 5 of 3700 m 5 in the evening, Son-Kul lake to this day.
They live and travel in yurts Cool Pesnej in Kyrgyzstan Day 6 of the lakes. Dinner at 19:00. Accommodation of tour in yurts.
Day 7 at 8:00 am, breakfast is filed. You will trek around the lake Son-Kul. You will have lunch on the tour way. Dinner at 19:00. Accommodation of tour is in tents.
Test 8 in Bishkek today. Dinner at 19:00. Night of tour at the hotel.
Day 9 weeds house.


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