Kyrgyzstan structures

Stratification Besshatyr mounds contributed to the creation of dry microclimate inside the mound required to pre dohraneniya wooden structure from moisture and to preserve the shape of the mound - the monument, designed for many centuries.
We have already noted that the external structures Besshatyr tumuli include various in form, structure and size of monuments. But this kind does not break their relationship with each other, but rather gives the impression cos integrity of the architectural complex.
In the burial mounds into three categories (large, medium and small barking) correspond to three types of burial of structures made of wood mustache palnitsa discovered in mounds of the First, Third, Sixth and Eighth, and yurtoobraznaya tomb, discovered in a barrow 14, typical for large and medium-sized mounds, and groundwater well (sometimes with vpuschennym a stone at her "box" or lining) - for the little ones.
A dirt pit, a grave construction, widely spread in space and time and does not reflect the specific culture of Saka tribes. The graves with stone boxes are more common in the early Saka burials (burials of Altyn-Emel, Hag l s I), where they are prevalent, apparently, as a relic of the Andronov culture. In mind dirt pit with lining appear at Saks later and more widely distributed in Usun time.
Tent yurtoobraznaya Tomb of the mound 14 is not equivalent em IME. While she was the only building of this type found in the mounds of the Scythian-Saka-Sarmatian culture, and is a good illus tration Saks skills used in the construction of capital facilities of various building materials.
Log-log cameras are often found in the king's cellar, tions of the Scythian and the Hun culture. The area of ​​distribution covers a vast territory, at the eastern boundary of which is the Northern Mongolia, and western - Hungary.
And everywhere there are log tombs, they are not independent ground structures, but always complementary, or just make out large rectangular burial pit. To determine the location of these tombs Besshatyr Cove monuments of the Scythian culture, learn about the types of funeral-coop zheny found in different parts of the spread of the Scythian culture.