Kyrgyzstan monuments

Among the excavated Scythian burial mounds are known to us only two cases were detected when the surface structure. One of them is the ground or near-ground tomb of oak logs, discovered AA Bobrinsky in a mound with. Zhabotina in Kyiv region. The walls are made up of tombs dug into the vertical but close to each other, logs, they lay the floor of the sentences she logs laid in two rows. The height of the tomb at approximately 2 m 
Surface structure was also wooden canopy tent, open at one of the mounds at the village on the Ulskogo Pryakubane.
Thus, Besshatyr log tombs in the com nenii with Scythian log appear as a new form of wood ... Consequently, they are kind of unique monuments of antiquity, and take pride of place among the iconic wooden structures of the Scythian-Saka-time.
Tombs Besshatyr certainly close to the Scythian culture on ture and time, but have significant differences that characterize the ME stnuyu material culture. They also allow you to judge the level of economic and cultural development Saka tribes Seven Rivers, who, apparently, was not lower than the Scythian society VII-IV centuries. BC Buildings Besshatyr also shows that residents of the Seven rechya - Saks - have experience in building large and rather complex GOVERNMENTAL buildings made of wood, but probably did not know the ways of cutting the lock and log cabins in the oblo. Therefore Besshatyr construction of more primitive techniques of construction. Perhaps that is why they are an ancient Scythian. Incidentally, the example of a mound c. Zhabotina, dating back to the diamond-shaped socketed arrowheads VII-VI centuries. Can convince It turns out that it was early Scythian tombs of primitive wooden building on the technology and the level of carpentry skills.
So Besshatyr mounds can be dated VI-V centuries BC. However, one of the most remarkable and striking monuments of Saka Seven Rivers is famous Issyk burial mound, which was part of the Issyk burial site, located 50 km east of Alma-Ata, in the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau. The diameter of the mound 60 meters height b Under the earthen embankment two graves - the central and lateral.