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 China is also building twelve new highways to economically tie Kyrgyzstan and its neighbors, modern roads with Xinjiang. At some point, the U.S. militarization of Kyrgyzstan into a threat to China's national security. China Economic oncoming traffic in order to increase its presence in the country, is now obvious.


Another sign of China's concern was their business in Afghanistan.As cooling between the governments of Karzai and Obama, the relations between Kabul and Beijing to improve clearly warming. 24th March Hamid Karzai and Chinese President Hu Jintao in Beijing signed a new agreement on economic trade and investment to improve the acceptance of trilateral cooperation with Pakistan, the traditional ties with China. Agreement of 24 March to invest in China relate, Afghan hydropower, mining, railroad, construction and energy projects.

China is already the largest investor in the Afghan economy. His Metallurgical Group Corporation won a tender to invest in 2007 to $ 3.5 billion Aynak copper mine in Afghanistan - one of the largest in the world. Another Chinese price in Afghanistan - an opportunity for Chinese companies about 1.6 billion barrels of oil and 440 billion cubic meters of Afghan gas, and develop large deposits of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, iron ore and gold.

Kyrgyzstansky trekking: round 006
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Activities: Trekking Round
Duration: 15 days

First Day will be planted at the airport Manas in Kyrgyzstan. Your guide to the city of Bishkek. Breakfast strengthening of the hotel. After he moved to the morning Kara Sai. Kara Sai Village filled day. Day spent to get to know the local village of shepherds, and make a trip to the horses. Dinner and overnight of tour in tents. Dinner and overnight of tour in tents.
Day 2: We will be trekking tour 30km round 25 of the Kyr Tash Kara Sai Lake in Kyrgyzstan and set camp there. Dinner and overnight of tour in tents.
Third day: in the morning you will start the journey and travel on foot Kyr Tash in Kyrgyzstan, going 25-30km through the valley before opening Besh Moin Yshtyk Canyon. Suddenly tent.
4th Day free to walk without preparing the Canyon Canyon Baralbas Yshtyk through the valley of the Boz Jalpa, then back to the camp Yshtyk Canyon. Dinner will be at noon.
Day 5: Today we have a trekking tour and travel round total of 25-30km возглавление Yshtyk Canyon to visit the shelter of the shepherd of the food, and the next afternoon we Kyr Tash camp in the valley. Dinner is on the tour way. The evening will have dinner and spend night of tour in tents.
Day 6: In the morning you will start the journey on foot trekking tour Kyr what Tash, 25-30km through the Kara Sai River, AK Bell Pass and along the river to our camp Taragai. In the evening dinner will be provided. Dinner and overnight of tour in tents.
7th Day: Breakfast. We will be trekking tour and travel 30km brief 25 Ara Lake Bell in the Valley of Rocky Top Today Jashyl ​​Kol Lake. The evening will have dinner and spend night of tour in tents.
Day 8: We will travel on foot through 25-30km Juuku Pass (3663 m) section of the charming mountain lake. Dinner is on the tour way. We set camp Chong Tash "Big Stone" Juuku Valley. In the evening dinner will be provided. Dinner and overnight of tour in tents.
9th Day: Today is a trekking tour round, 25-30km across the river and merge Juuku Juuku and Kashka Suu rivers. Spending time with the shepherds in their own camp in the yurt.
10th Day: We will be trekking tour in the round of 25 to 30km down the valley Juuku Jyluu Suu Hot Springs for that purpose, where they can enjoy the natural hot springs in a bathroom. Dinner will be at noon. Suddenly tent.
11th Day: After breakfast we start the trekking tour in the magnificent Jyluu Suu, going 25-30km through the valley of the Chychkan Bashy Kyzylsky Sai and Blow River Valley Bulak devocalization representations of Lake Issyk-Kulsky one way. Kok, Pass Camp Bell. Dinner will be at noon. Suddenly tent.
Day 12: walking tours, 25-30km pass on to our next camp Kok Bell Tereksky Valley Ak.
Day 13: Today, the circle is a mechanism for free without trekking tour across Tereksky River and Ak Glacier Mongu, then loop back to the base camp of the Ak Terek.
Day 14: Walking, 25-30km Bulak Kok River Valley and kind Kichi Jargylchak the river. Dinner will be at noon. In the evening dinner will be provided. Suddenly tent.
Day 15: A morning trip to Sary Bulak and Chong Jargylchak Rivers Barskoon back with a hot tub. In the evening dinner will be provided. Dinner and overnight of tour at a private house.

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When it comes to Kyrgyzstan, it is recommended that a country of diverse cultures and traditions of the absolute need to know some facts about this country. In this book, you will find a travel agency that allows you to organize all tours. Riding tours tours travel agency design, white water rafting, in Kyrgyzstan the bike Kyrgyzstan rules, the agency has a ski tour in the travel agency can arrange tours, horse riding in Kyrgyzstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the trekking in Kyrgyzstan is the travel agencies organize tours of cultural Kyrgyz Republic to find a company tour travel arrangements, the Kyrgyz Republic, Kyrgyzstan, fish, birds, etc. The travel agency that organized hiking tour Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan's right I is very important that you choose. Call of the tour depends on your choice. You will be able to come here without the help of the travel company with ease, it is recommended that you have a travel agency that can help with travel. Thus, less time is lost if you do not. If you decide to be a travel agent, you can organize all of the best hotels or guesthouses. In addition, there will be a travel agent, and I give a lot of time looking for the shuttle bus, but the journey. There are many good travel companies in Kyrgyzstan.

   In order to surf the Internet to find the information you need to ride in Kyrgyzstan, you do not need to read this guide. House many fantastic places on this tour. These tours are becoming more popular in the world. Kyrgyzstan is a popular ride tour. Even if you are not an experienced rider, you will propose hiking the corresponding complexity. Kyrgyzstan, there is a lot riding canyon tours. These canyon, people do not get. Therefore it can be a riding tour places that are hidden. You will have a horse riding tour along the valley of the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. . In many places, riding tours in Kyrgyzstan. Many of these places are not hidden there. There is a horse riding tour along the valley of the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Among the horses, I will be able to meet some nomads ride back to the tour Kyrgyzstan. I still prefer to live in the mountains. If you want to see the real culture of the Kyrgyz Republic, and even get a chance to stay Kirugisupao night. Have been very kind and open people of Kyrgyzstan and waiting for you in your own home. Generally, in order to spend some time with them, riding the Tour offers a relaxing stay. Can I give you some of the country's food and drink for you to ride the horse nomads in Kyrgyzstan an unforgettable trip back. In order to enjoy the unspoiled nature of the land, while the back of a horse riding tour in Kyrgyzstan, you will get the opportunity to fully relax you. . Nomadic Kyrgyzstan - Kyrgyzstan to introduce to you a real tour in the mountains of Tien Shan! This is your chance to discover new lands! Do not lose your time, find a place to rent, you will be riding in Kyrgyzstan and equipment. Kyrgyz family, friends, and riding on a private road in a very nice place. The authors say that it is better to have a horse riding tour is a good travel agent. So there was a lot of horse riding safety. Kyrgyzstan is open for tourists who are looking for horseback riding tour, you are always welcome there. Horse riding in Kyrgyzstan is the best place for riding Ishikuishikukuru lake, the water does not freeze in the winter mountains Terusuaru the southern shore of the lake is the second largest in the world. The number of routes to go horseback rides in this manual, you can go alone, on horseback, we recommend that you have an experienced guide with you. Here, you will be able to create a fantastic place to have a great career. People of all ages come here to choose a horse with the degree of complexity of the tour. The only thing you need for horse riding in Kyrgyzstan, and relax deeply, you will enjoy this country

He was able to arrange a variety of tours in Kyrgyzstan. These, hiking, horseback riding, bird watching, skiing, snowboarding.

What more can be recommended for trekking tours in Kyrgyzstan:


Tour: HR - 01


When trying to choose a good Kyrgyzstan travel agency can help you organize the perfect vocation for a reasonable price. There are many travel companies in Kyrgyzstan that is a very good organization of the tour of what is possible. Some of them, you can tour through the culture, you can organize horse riding tours and trekking tours. Before you contact the office to be the same, and I try to follow the advice of people who can be viewed here. A good travel agent will be able to travel in Kyrgyzstan unforgettable. The current standard travel agency tour in Kyrgyzstan for travelers. Some travel agencies organize a special trip according to your request. The only things you will be asked to perform the change, or an ordinary tour and travel agency e-mail or phone. You'll get a quick response to the travel agency. Then make some changes. The tour operators are very flexible for customers. There is a very good price for the tourists. The relay on our tour completely.

Kyrgyzstan popular with people in a luxurious and charming nature. It is also possible to stay for a while with local families in Kyrgyzstan. There is no need to talk about your own tour.

Riding on the return journey can be placed in any part of Kyrgyzstan. You can see the lakes and rivers, to find your way in the valley as well as riding. There are about 2000 lakes in Kyrgyzstan and many of them are located in the mountains. All riding tours led by experienced guides. This eliminates any problems with the horse so do not take this the wrong way. Horseback riding tours in Kyrgyzstan are included in the list of the best. Kyrgyzstan is known as the best place for a horse riding tour. Not far from Bishkek city, there is a canyon is less than required, then now is the time to get it. Therefore the riding tour can be combined with the cultural leisure trekking Ali. Horseback riding is a good possibility that the life style of the people of Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan. You may live in the riding in Kyrgyzstan. Horseback riding tour gives you the opportunity to feel the real nomads for you. Will be merged into the atmosphere of the era of the great Silk Road. Now you will never forget!



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