The past times of Issyk Kul lake wonder

Issyk-Kul has been visited many times by scientific expeditions, Kyrgyzstan has hosted seminars, congresses and consultations with world-renowned specialists. The chemical and mineral composition of the water was studied, and climatic and environmental factors were compared. And-most of the beliefs were confirmed. Moreover, scientists have discovered new unique properties of the lake's waters. Issyk-Kul, a lake that Kyrgyzstan already considered a national treasure, has become part of the world's ecological heritage. That is why most of people visit this lake in order to improve health. Start to travel with us and take a car rent to make tours convenient. Unique combinations of salts that are not found anywhere else in the world, dissolved compounds of sulfates and chlorides - their beneficial effect on the human body today is no longer in doubt. Moreover, after the conducted research, at the legislative level, Lake Issyk-Kul was awarded a special status not only by Kyrgyzstan, but also by the entire world community.

Some people like legends and believe them. It is considered to be according one legend that in ancient times there was a town which gained catastrophe from earthquake. Three or more girls were outside of the town and when they returned, found ruins of the place. Their cries filled the gap. The lake is situated between Kungey Alatau and Terskey Alatau ranges. You may start to make tours from northern or southern sides. Do not forget to use car rent service while having tours.