Rituals of Kyrgyz people

Rituals express only a steady and precise adherence to the patterns of culture perceived from the past, in contrast to the more general concept of tradition. We want to add that in tours in Kyrgyzstan it is spread to use car rent service.

 As soon as the baby is born, all relatives are notified "suiunchu". To the one who brings this joyful news, it is customary to answer "bolsun!", which in translation into English means" so be it! " and give various gifts. Relatives on the mother's side of the child for suiunchu can give "tai" - a foal at the age of one year. There is another good tradition: for the right to see a newborn baby for the first time, guests give the hosts of the celebration a korunduk -a gift in monetary terms. Tours will open other elements of rituals of Kyrgyzstan.

Beshik toy is arranged when the baby is placed in the cradle for the first time. According to custom, the parents on the mother's side of the child are obliged to prepare a beshik and a bed for him. The child is placed in a cradle by a noble grandmother as a sign of hope that he will live as long as she does. Then theyorganize tushoo kesuu. The ceremony of cutting the fetters is held when the child has just begun to take his first steps. In honor of this event, the Kyrgyz call the guests, cover the dastorkon. Among the children of teenagers, they arrange a race with their legs tied. The winner will receive an incentive prize in the form of an expensive toy or in cash. The first person who comes running cuts the rope that binds the baby's legs with a specially prepared knife. Then two boys, holding the baby's hands, help him take the first steps.

The next ritual is related to the wedding. People in Kyrgyzstan have things such as nike kyiuu (ceremony in Islam religion) and kyz uzatuu (parents of the girl organize party for relatives and their friends).

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