New views is acquaintance with new territories while traveling. In this review of our wonderful country, Kyrgyzstan, you will learn a little about it. Travel methods are simplified these days with the help of various travel companies. Travelers can simply choose any tour in such companies and have no doubt that the tour will be perfect, because such experts know better than any person about all the features of travel, such as entering and leaving the country, the most worthwhile places to visit, entertainment, etc.

Our company also does its job with great love. Our tours differ from each other because we make a personal approach to each of our guests. Almost all the details of the tours, the places that you visit and see, are different. Our team offers travelers a wide range of cars for rent services.

When our tourists ask what kind of car to take, we certainly recommend all-wheel drive cars. For example, a jeep will be an excellent option on a tour because the roads of our Kyrgyzstan are of low quality, in mountainous areas there is basically no asphalt, sometimes the roads are muddy and gravel.

More than half of the territory of Kyrgyzstan is mountains. Therefore, the next question is what are they doing in mountainous regions? Of course, this is the most wonderful place for hiking, trekking, horse riding. With our cars for rent, travelers have the chance to reach the mountainous areas and speak in person with the locals. And of course enjoy their main feature of their manner, that is, hospitality. Overnight stay on such tours is provided either in guesthouses or in yurts. Guesthouses is place of comfort. Nevertheless, yurts are an unusual experience. Here in yurts the toilet is located outside, and showers are very rare. Take a tour from our company, we have well-organized tours. With rent cars service, it is easy to travel!


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