Peak Pobeda

There are a lot of high peaks in the world, but the one we want to talk to you on tours in Kyrgyzstan about now is Pobeda Mountain. It borders China, being 7439 m long, and is known to be the highest point in the past in all of the Soviet Union.

During the tour and car rent, Kyrgyzstan's guests are often told about the added sites bordering the top. We see the glacier of Zvezdochka here. All those traveling by renting a car figure out that the name is Tomur Peak, the shape of the Chinese portion. The past of the peak is fascinating as the name of investigator P. Semyonov was incorrect.

He assumed this was Khan Tengri's height. That is why, during various periods of time, both peaks were called as Khan Tengri. In celebration of victory in WW2, the height received such a reputation as Pobeda. The numbers of vaultings were made by various climbers, the crews. So, we can assume that most of the efforts have failed because of the deteriorating conditions. In our business, we essentially offer to rent a car in order to be the one to see the distant and most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan on tours.