Outmoded dresses

As boarders of Kyrgyzstan have always questions about the clothes of traditional meaning of the local people, we have decided to create the special article giving the most significant ideas about it. That is why clothes are always the idea of discussion of the people coming here to travel, and they tend to rent a car and get in touch with the traditional views. In our company there are many professionals able to tell of the history of the clothes, and the way of their changing. Due to it the tour is surely going to be remarkable. While invitees travel in Kyrgyzstan, they start being involved in customs and traditions.

That is why right in the case of visiting the state, guests start the investigation with the acquaintance with the details of cloths traditions. Main ideas are seen in the way of life of the nation. It is well known that in the course of the tour on the cars rented, guests find out of the clothes showing the reflect of the mystical life. And the history of the clothes takes about 700 years. At the same time clothes touch the ideas of way of life of the nomads. It means such people lived high in the mountains, where winds are blowing severely.

While the outing about the country be sure to visit the museums of the state, where lots of exhibitions are held. These are the exhibitions of cloths of traditional ideas. That is why in the museum you can view outwear and underwear, presenting pants "jarq shym", "kandagay", "chalbar" for men. Coat "Ichik" is warm, made of fur of wolf, fox, lynx for both men and women. Men also wore shoes Chokoy and Charyk and hats tebetey, kalpak and malakai.

Women were in great love with skirt "beldemchi" and decorated with traditional ornaments, pearls and precious stones hats. At the same time they wore jacket "chyptama".