History of Tien Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan

Our team is ready to inform about the data of the country's mountains and about local residents who are ready to communicate with new arrivals. You will be able to learn the facts, the history of the Tien Shan, learn the information provided by our company and local residents on tours in Kyrgyzstan. You will be able to learn about the mountains, information about the country, and communicate with local residents who will always be happy to help.

During the tours in Kyrgyzstan, guests of the countries will be able to rent a car, see what has been known about the Tien Shan Mountains for a long time. In this way, you can explore research works on tours, get acquainted with the records and learn it from local residents, travelers and researchers. In the past, the Tien Shan Mountains were connected only by legends, rather than by confirmed facts. You can see that the study was conducted in the 19th century by Peter Semenov, who gave the first facts about the mountains. After his investigations, he began to be referred to as Tianshansky.

If you want to go on tours in Kyrgyzstan, then it is best to rent a car from us. Our managers will be able to organize tours of Kyrgyzstan with the study of the mountains, where once in the 7th century this place was explored by the Buddhist monk Xuan Tsang. It will be possible to find out what is covered with ice and snow from the mountains in Kyrgyzstan. And so it turns out that it will be impossible for guests to wander through the mountains. Also, guests of the country on tours will be able to learn that in the past in 1273, Kyrgyzstan was visited by Marco Polo.