Travel to see the farfetched beauty of Kyrgyzstan on the tours. You will get familiar with glaciers on the tour in Kyrgyzstan and rent a car. We have quantified guides, drivers and managers that are going to make the great tours in Kyrgyzstan. Our company will establish anything for you when you plan to travel.

Kyrgyzstan has the best mountain for tours. On the way you will get acquainted with lakes and glaciers. There are the layers of snow which never melt. Likewise, on the tops where temperature is low-slung. It is eternally sleeting, so, the tour over there is complex. "Ice Rivers" are the valleys of glaciers, some of which can be seen on the tour antique on car rent. There are about 800 glaciers in the country, counting 30% of the area of Kyrgyzstan you will observe by car rent.

Kyrgyzstan tours. 

Kyrgyzstan country will surprise on the tour with one of the biggest glaciers is Enilchek Glacier, separated into Northern and Southern. Glaciers as the Ak Sai and Adygene in Ala Archa National Park are apparent slanting the survey of Kyrgyzstan on tours and rent a car in Bishkek.