Dungan mosque

Tourists will visit the Dungan Mosque Mosque during the visit to Kyrgyzstan and drive by car rental in areas of common religious interest. It is interesting and worth learning the history of the mosque.

But it is accurate that in the last world tour, in 1877, the passengers on the plane left China. When they came, they developed a community. The year 1907 is said to have been the moment when these people needed the architect Chjou Siy to be welcomed. Supplies and construction of the mosque began, with 20 more people helping it and assisting it. A metal and boltless house was then designed.

Visitors have lately opted to rent a car for themselves to enter the mosque. At the same time, the Bishkek car rental service gives the chance to explore on tours in Kyrgyzstan the beauty of the building's colors. We are talking in this turn of the red hue, that means protection from evil forces, and the yellow hue, that initially means wealth, and the green is enjoyment.

In the days of the Soviet Union, it was illegal to believe in God and to visit religious sites. This emerges essentially in the 20th century. At the start of the Second World War, the Muslims gave the refugees a decent amount of income. And the government allowed him to visit the tours. Now you have to bear in mind your car rental to reach Karakol and Dungan Mosque near Kyrgyzstan.

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