Experienced travelers are interested in the currency of the country where they are going before starting a tour with Kyrgyzstan rent cars service. Yes, this is a necessary question that should be sorted out before travel, because you need to understand how much money to take with yourself, how much money will go to take a comfortable tour with Kyrgyzstan rent cars option. In our case, the country where the tourists will go is Kyrgyzstan. Accordingly, we will now talk in this article about the currency of Kyrgyzstan. And so the local currency is called the som. In such travel tour with Kyrgyzstan rent cars, all tourists pay as it should be with soms and occasionally dollars. You can exchange for som at local banks in Kyrgyzstan. Before starting the tour with Kyrgyzstan rent cars, please be aware that other currencies other than som are not accepted in many places. Another important point for guests of the country is that the exchange rates may differ slightly in different banks. But currency exchange in banks is much more profitable than doing it in the regions or at bazaars. Banks in Kyrgyzstan start their work in the morning and end at 5 pm. There is another option for exchanging currency during the tour, these are exchange offices. They work approximately 24 hours a day. Do not forget to bring your passport to exchange money. There is an opportunity to use Visa and Master credit cards, but do not expect that they will be accepted everywhere, because in Kyrgyzstan they prefer to use cash.

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