Currency of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a country of great expectations, and before the tour to be made here, local currency is needed to be investigated. That is why when guests are going to travel here they want to know of the currency. Basically som is the local currency, but dollars can be also exchanged here. Money exchange is better being made in banks in the center of the main city. Far from the main city, currency is just som. Have the car for rent for the trip to be going comfortably.

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In the course of the tour in Kyrgyzstan invitees can visit banks for money exchange, and they should be aware of rates being different in different banks. At the same time we offer not to exchange money on bazaars. Before the travel experience being taken, guests should visit the exchange beforehand. By the way, banks work here till 5pm, with offices being open for 24 hours. Have passport for exchanging money. Cash is used in the country, though visa and Master card credit cards being used, but not so often and not everywhere, just in the capital only. That is why we offer the car rent service, with the visiting of all important locations.