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Tired worn progress? You want something new? The car rental company offers you an unforgettable journey in Central Asia, particularly Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan! These wonderful country with a unique culture, traditions and history, as well as the great nature! All these countries are very interesting. For example, Kazakhstan's territory is so large that all west-european countries that can fit in it! Countless wilderness that previously lived nomadic peoples. At the moment, this is the most economically developed country in Central asia in the 2 major cities - Astana and Almaty. Kazakhstan shares borders Kyrgyzstan, other central asian states, on the edge of the majestic mountains, mountain lakes, the capital, Biskek, which in turn shares borders Tajikistan - a very interesting condition, which previously was home to many ancient civilizations. The Capital City Of Dushanbe. If you want to stop car rental questions, you can contact us at any time, a expert provide You with the most detailed information on each kind of car rental companies. The car hire specialists to get information not only for cars, but also the possible paths and routes in all countries. If the car rental company partners, we will do our best to make the trip one of the best in your life. You will get the best car, because every vehicle is thoroughly controlled release mechanics, and pass the periodic examinations. Also, you will have the opportunity to, and the car back in the same town, where land - Bishkek Almaty and Dushanbe. So we'd like to offer You the most convenient circumstances.