Central Asia Tours

Central Asia is home to the greatest cities with hundreds of architectural monuments from different eras. Traveling here you will visit 5 magnificent countries of the Silk Road on a tour. The best minds and hands of that time flocked to them. The world was amazed by the luxury and splendor of palaces, minarets, mosques, mausoleums, created by famous architects of the past. The monuments of ancient architecture known all over the world still remember the times of the conquests of great heroes.

Alas, we have to admit that many of these masterpieces simply have not reached the present time in their original form. Now they show the eyes of those around them only their majestic ruins. But even those buildings that have miraculously survived, perfectly recreate the picture of the distant past. Your Silk Road tour will be an event that will always be a pleasure to tell your friends and family. You will never forget tall minarets, grandiose madrasahs and mosques, luxurious palaces and austere mausoleums, decorated with incredible beauty with ceramic ornaments. You will always remember the noisy and colorful oriental bazaars, interesting legends, warm hospitality and ancient traditions of local residents. Our tours are just made for everyone!

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