Cars to rent

Are you tired of worn passes? Do you want something new? Our car rent company offers you an unforgettable journey to the Central Asia, and especially to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan! These are wonderful countries with authentic culture, traditions and history, as well as with great nature! Each of above mentioned counties are very interesting! For example, Kazakhstan's territory is so large, that all western European countries can fit into it! There're endless steppes, which formerly were inhabited by nomadic people. Nowadays it is the most economically developed country in the Central Asia with 2 main cities - city of Astana and Almaty. Kazakhstan shares boundaries with Kyrgyzstan, another Central Asian state, the land of majestic mountains and alpine lakes, with its capital in the city of Bishkek, which in turn shares boundaries with Tajikistan - very interesting state, which was formerly a home for many ancient civilizations. Its capital is situated in Dushanbe. If you want to ask our car rent a question, you can contact us anytime and our specialist will provide you with the most detailed information about all cars for rent that our company possess. Our cars for rent specialists will give you information not only about the auto itself, but also about possible itineraries and routes in all of the countries. If you will become the partners of our car rent company we will do our best in order to make your journey one of the best ones in your life! You will get the best auto, because all of our cars for rent are thoroughly checked by mechanics and have a regular checkup. Also, you will be able to take and return the auto in the same cities, where you will land - in Bishkek, Almaty and Dushanbe. So, we want to offer you the most convenient conditions.