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 To achieve the main objective of the CDF - raising living standards through sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction - in the field of education for the present decade has defined three strategic objectives:


A. Access to and quality of education.

Second Strengthening the teaching material and technical base of educational institutions.

Third The achievement of economic and financial viability of the education system.

Based on the national strategy of development of the country by 2010 (BCD), a state policy in the field of education on the development of a flexible, open and evolving system of continuous education will be focused. To the future strategy of determining priority approach to development, education, community support initiatives to achieve its high efficiency identified, state doctrine Education of the Kyrgyz Republic, adopted in 2000, the following priorities:

• the stability and optimization of the financing and administration of education with the current technology, timely and appropriate compensation, the enforcement of labor law;

Kyrgyzstansky trekking: round 003
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Activities: Trekking Round
Duration: 8 days

First Day: After breakfast we are transferred to the Arabian Village Barskoon Pass (3800 m) in Kyrgyzstan, which brought to a branch of the Big Silk Road. 2-3 hours, which will cover the limits of 55 km / s is required. On arrival you will be acquainted with the horses and there is a remarkable tour of the horse within 2-3 hours throughout Suyek Pass (4028 m). At night, in the tent.

Second day: in the morning you will start the tour on foot Suyek pass of Kyrgyzstan through the valley of the River Taragai Chol-rocky-top. Distance: 25-30km. Time: 5-6 hours. In the evening dinner will be provided. At night, in the tent.

Third Day: After breakfast we start trekking tour round the valley of Chol-rocky-top and the River Kara-Sai - Yshtyk Canyion in Kyrgyzstan. Dinner. Distance: 25-30km. Time: 4-5 hours. Dinner will be at noon. At night, in the tent.

4th day: Trekking tour to travel down as the beginning of the Canyon Canyon Yshtyk Ak-Shyyrak. Distance: 40 km. Time: 5-6 hours. In the evening dinner will be provided. At night, in the tent.

5th Day: After breakfast we start trekking tour Baralbas Round River is a beautiful canyon. After dinner, trekking, take a tour back to the campsite.

Day 6: In the morning you will start the tour on foot through the Canyon Shyyrak Ak-crossing the river many times. Dinner will be at noon, a family of shepherds. Trip to Kara-Sai Kyrtash and valleys. In the evening dinner will be provided. At night, in the tent.

Day 7: Trekking tour to Pass the bridge and the Ak-Sai Bell Kara (3833 m) - Valley Kumtor. Suddenly, about Taragai River. The dinner in the travel road. Distance: 40 km. Time: 6-7 hours. The evening will have dinner and spend night in tents.

Day 8: After a nice breakfast we start trekking  tour from one round to the Taragai Break Maitor Valley. Distance: then the car will be transported down to the village Barskoon which means that you are covered from 15 to 20 km, and then 2-3 hours. You will have a remarkable opportunity for local thermal bath. In the evening for dinner and spend a comfortable night in a private forum.

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