The culture of Kyrgyzstan has a wide range of cultural groups and cultures, with the Kyrgyz making the majority group. It is customarily well-thought-out that there are 40 Kyrgyz clans, which are symbolized by yellow sun with 40 rays in the center of the flag. The lines inside the sun are said to characterize the roof of a yurt. The principal religion of Kyrgyzstan is Sunni Islam (91%). The Russian population is Russian Orthodox.

The Kyrgyz people survived in Siberia and then later they settled down to Central Asia. They lived with cattle- upbringing, they also took care of rams and horses, which were the most significant domestic animals, but also cows and goats were upraised. Horses are one of the main part of nomadic culture and accordingly there are many old-style horse games.

There are different types of horse games that are still played. They establish them during the festivals or shows, and the high talents of riding the horses, where the moves are mostly consequential from every-day life and passed to their children. Boys learn how run the farm in the process of helping their parents and they begin from the early ages.

Girls also learn how to do the housework since they are little; the colorful carpets that they make take months or years of work. The carpets are called as Shyrdak and Ala-Kiyiz , which are both made of felt on top of which they stitch dissimilar kinds of patterns , that are naturally extracted.

These wonderful carpets are not only the best profitable production produced by Kyrgyz people but also represent the main national symbol of Kyrgyz life. Yurt is all made of this felt. Yurts still endure being part of every-day life of the people living Kyrgyzstan even in big cities. Yurts are still created yurt on the most significant holidays, such as the child's birth, and funerals. The status of it can be seen in the flag of the Republic: It is red with a circle located in the middle of it. It is the top crown of the yurt, with its distinguishing wooden circle and the traversed sticks in its middle.

Yurt is portable nomadic dwelling that serves as bedroom, dining room, kitchen at the same time. It has a wooden building covered with felt. This whole construction is fixed with small short leather-ribbons instead of using nails and ropes made from animals' hair. Women ornament yurts with these stunning carpets the walls and spread on the floor. At the differing part of the door there are bed sheets and blankets that are spread at night on the floor and provide a soft and warm place for expenditure the night, but during daytime they staple and cover with a nice blanket, forming the back part in the yurt of the place for the guests.

There is a small hearth in the middle part of yurt for culinary and heating the yurt. People use them all year round.